Through the Glass Backwards: These Hands

hands at the keyboardI think about the first post, the reason for Through the Glass Backwards, ways to capture my life in 200 word snippets, to see what the world around me held. And I watch my hands typing these words and wonder what small things that I miss in the course of a day. The way that light moves across a room where I’m busy working on a paper (or avoiding said paper). The way the rain sounds against the window when I have the music going so I can focus.

So often, I forget that there is so much more outside of what I’m doing. Sometimes, it takes a small moment to be woken up, to see something in a way that is brand new to me to remind me that this world is so big, and that while my hands seem small, they are capable of so much good in this world.

How do I remember to sink into that, when everything feels overwhelming?

How do I remember the magic in this world, the ways that I can be woken up, when I’m least expecting it?

How do allow myself to be surprised by this world, by these hands of mine?


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