Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

What It Feels Like to Drown from Your Ill-Fitting Overcoat
It’s been a while since she’s posted, but she’s back with a thought-provoking one. (And it’s not as sad as it sounds.)

God is God, Even When the Miracle Doesn’t Come from Beth Morey
This post resonated with me; how to hold things in tension and how to define life and God and goodness for ourselves – in our own hearts – even (especially?) when things don’t work out.

Day of Rest from A Thousand Shades of Gray
Looking for slices of freedom in the huge sky above.

See Me from Canffirmations
A reminder that sometimes, when we think that we don’t want to be seen, we have to look deeper.

The Backward Step from Tara Brach
A look at open awareness and leaning into what we don’t automatically see.

Now we’re talking. It’s a shame smackdown with Oprah from Brene Brown
This is here because I have not yet watched the two part series Brene Brown did with Oprah … and I’ve heard nothing but good things.

Start Today from A Thousand Shades of Gray
A clear reminder that sometimes, we shouldn’t wait…that waiting isn’t going to make it easier.

Write Now? Write Later? Write Never? from The Jotter’s Joint
Oh, this resonates with my own recent self-questioning about writing. This is fantastic.

Help Me Stop Being Mean from Captain Awkward
I appreciate the honesty of this post, and the linkage between negative self-talk and negative other-talk.

Public Shaming is a Better Example of “If it feels good – do it” than Teen Pregnancy from Brene Brown
A look at public shaming and if it’s effective. (Note: It’s not.)

Tea with Jesse Jacobs from Susan PiverAnother link because I want to watch this and haven’t had the chance yet.

Yay mistakes! from Canffirmations
A post I will have to come back to – multiple times – as I lean into my clinical practice. It’s when I’m willing to learn from and explore my own mistakes, I am able to connect with others.

Musical Interlude

I really enjoyed last Friday’s Musical Interlude, so I’m going to include that in Weekend Treats! This week’s is Fall Out Boy’s recently released song, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” (with the caveat that I don’t particularly understand the video).

A Preview

This coming month, I will be hosting some guest blog posts and writing a few of my own. And I’m hoping to show up in this space every week day. (Intention, not goal.) Interested in joining me? Let me know! I’d love to have your voice join in on storytelling and trusting!

Weekend Prompting

This weekend’s prompting was inspired by a question that has been bouncing around my head. Now might be a good time to visit it. Maybe for you, too?

What are you waiting to let go of?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Treats

  1. Thank you so much! Now, I’ve got some reading to do…you always have the best recommendations! I need to get my butt in gear and watch the Brene Brown/Oprah/shame thing, too…

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