Weekend Treats

The weekend continued as busily as the week… so, here are a few links to whet your appetite until next Friday!

Links of the Week

Muddy waters from Canffirmations
So many times, I think that this is what stops me from writing – here, the stories that long to be told, even sometimes emails.

Hand in Hand from Shared Worlds (via Neil Gaiman’s blog post)
A really neat look at some writing advice from writers, via their hands. (And Neil Gaiman’s blog post is also quite lovely, talking about voice and writing.)

The Domino Effect from Blog of Impossible Things
Oh, I love the message behind this – how we do what we need to do and become a domino. :) (There’s more to it than that. Promise.)

The man in black fled… from Flickr user Jameson42
Saw this in Zemanta as I was writing a post for M. Fenn for this coming week. LOVED IT!

Women Learn to Be Women series from M. Fenn
So, M. Fenn is a huge music lover. She’s working through a series (two posts so far) about the evolution of all-women rock bands. Really fascinating look, with great videos!

Weekend Prompting

Also inspired by this week’s busyness:

What do you need most in this moment?


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