Weekend Treats

Links of the week

(I’m almost positive I’m not caught up by this posting. But, still, have some links. I’m ready for a nap…)

A Meditation on Boston from Jason Konopinski
An honest look at one man’s experience trying to process what happened.

There’s So Much More Than Anger from Honeybee Consulting
Reminders of what is important and finding hope.

Just the Way It Should Be from Yarn Harlot
I’ve been trying to get Sarah to understand that handknitted items should not just be kept in the drawer and never used… The Yarn Harlot describes her feelings on the matter.

I Want You to Know from Beth Morey
I love this question that Beth asks, and her answer. I love that she thinks of this, and makes me think of it, too.

Living in a World that Makes no Sense from Janice McWilliams
A way to look at the hard things that happen, and what it means for us.

11 Quick + Dirty Things About Writing from Justine Musk
This is one I want to revisit.

Musical Interlude

I was reminded of this song when thinking about the interlude. I don’t quite remember when I first heard this song, but I remember being in a shuttle and watching the Sangre de Christos mountains go by after a week long silent retreat in Taos, NM. Sometimes, I just need a reminder to slow down. I bring to you Count to Ten by Tina Dico.

Weekend Prompting

Tell me about a place you need to go to, right now. What does it look like? Smell life? Feel like? Why there?


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