Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

This week’s links are the few I was able to catch via social media (my poor reader is feeling really neglected). But, hopefully, with the semester ending in less than a week (!!!!), ill be able to get all caught up. Until then, a few links!

10K from Canffirmations
A wonderful celebration of a milestone, and all of the learning that came with it.

Whither Moral Courage from The New York Times
An interesting look at the challenges and changes in understanding (and celebrating) courage.

Accepting Ourselves So We Can Accept Others from Emma’s Hope Book
A look at darkness, light, and learning where we grow.

29 Ways to Stay Creative from Rebelle Society
A great manifesto encouraging creativity.

Finding My Way in My Writing – Again from Jason Konopinski
Oh, this one resonates. Resonates muchly.

Self-Care is Not a Punishment from Mara Glatzel
This is a message I need to hear, early and often.

Musical Interlude

I’ve been listening to the new Frank Turner a bit recently… I don’t know the songs well enough yet to pull one out to share with you, but this is my favorite one from his previous album, England Keep My Bones, and is definitely on the soundtrack of that novel I keep talking about. Here’s an acoustic version of I Am Disappeared. (For some reason, it’s not coming up embedded. Boo.)

Weekend Prompting

So, this line comes to you directly from the book I’m reading for a final paper in my Diversity class. It caught my I attention as something to consider and might make for interesting writing. This is from Borderlands/La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldúa.

that voice at the edge of things


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