Weekend Treats (on time!)

Reading Treats

Never Graduate from Canffirmations
A reminder of all of the opportunities there are for learning.

A Special Wishcasting Wednesday from Thousand Shades of Gray
Jill gives a great reminder for pausing. (A message I need. Early and often.)

Thank you (Yes, You): A Love Letter from Beth Morey
I can feel the love and Beth’s spirit resonate through this post.

Love your sadness. It won’t last. from Danielle LaPorte
A reminder that all emotions are important, and that they all are clouds (or sorts). Sometimes lingering, sometimes passing. All important.

Monday Morning Music from M. Fenn
A dancey song that I really appreciate. :)

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls… SO I WILL from The Militant Baker
(Hat tip to M. Fenn for the link.) A wonderful body positive post.

Girls Are Better at Designing Super Hero Costumes from Alex Law
(Another hat tip to M. Fenn for link.) A great tumblr showing how awesome girls are at designing super hero costumes!

Are you missing the three-leafed clovers? from Living Wild and Precious
A fabulous reminder of all that is precious in the moment.

Breaking Free from Trust Tending
An honest look at when things feel like they’re only shifting, shifting. (Includes fun music video.)

Thought Happens from Janice McWilliams
I love this look at the creativity of the human brain with our thoughts.

Are you Judge-mental? from This Side of the MirrorAn honest look at how judgment (on many levels) can frame our state of mind.

Oh For Crying Out Loud from the Jotter’s Joint
A look at crying, its meanings, and what it can sometimes teach us.

Stop Drop Roll from inside space
A reminder to put on our own oxygen mask first.

Musical Interlude

This has been a favourite song of mine since I heard it. Today, I bring you an upbeat song, Merry Go Round, from Antje Duvekot.

Weekend Prompting

A professor in our department is leaving in a few weeks. I have been working pretty closely with her on three different projects and have come to really respect and appreciate her presence in my life. I met with her a few weeks ago for one of our projects, and she gave me a lovely book of poetry named Risking Everything: 110 Poems of Love and Revelation, which she said was one of her favourite books of all time. Today’s prompt comes from there, and the poem is Maybe by Mary Oliver.

Happy writing!

how it is when something different crosses the threshold


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