Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

I am (slowly) getting caught up on my reader feed. At least, it’s under 100 again. For now. :)

The Essence of the Process is Revision from The Art of Non-Conformity
This is one of the reasons most things rarely get past my journals or blog posts.

In the Art Studio: The Insides of a Heart from Beth Morey
A heartfelt look at the role of heart in art.

Some Sort of Silence from The Yarn Harlot
The Yarn Harlot talks a bit about what it means to be in a public space, working to deal with private things.

8 Secrets from 8 Curvy Women Who Love Their Bodies from Everyday Feminism
Love this! LOVE IT!

The Next Big Thing: Novel In Progress from M. Fenn
A look into the novel in progress M. Fenn’s been working on. (From what I’ve read so far… it’s awesome!)

Changing the Default from The Art of Non-Conformity
One way to chang ewhat we think of “default.”

The Battle of Not Thin Enough from Hey Amber Rae
This is one to revisit. But, the scan of it made me pause.

Surrounded by Ideas from Karen Gadient
Beautiful art, and a look into dreams.

Mother’s Day, Again from Beth Morey
A reminder that Mother’s Day is not always the Hallmark moment we think of.

To the Queer Black Kids from Black Girl Dangerous
An empowering message to those who feel they don’t fit in.

It’s not what’s happening… It’s how you respond from Tara Brach
A message I need, early and often.

Badger on the Left, Buddha on the Right from Living Wild and Precious
Love the whimsy and utter truthfulness of this post.

Do It Yourself Writer’s Retreat from Wordlander
A retreat sounds lovely right now.

Song of the Week

I think I first heard this song (Brave from Sara Bareilles) via George Takei on Facebook. Either way, love the message and song.

 Quote of the Week

Read in the middle of a journal article about narrative therapy. Too good to not share.

I  assume  that  storytelling  is  not  merely  a  method  for  solving  particular problems that crop up in our lives but also has an importance and integrity of its own, as a means to personal wholeness. In this sense, it is a spiritual activity, enabling us to become more of who we are, more authentic and more alive. ~ Sanrie de Beer and Julian Müller

Weekend Prompting

This week’s prompting is a question I keep asking myself right now. Maybe you need to hear it too?

Tell me, what do you need to let go of, right now, in this moment.


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