#supersummer Challenge: Introduction and Some Thoughts

Oh, friends, I’ve missed you. It’s been a hard few weeks. There’s a blog post coming about it. Soon, I hope.

Last week’s car accident is all resolved (I hope). We have the car back, anyway.

I realize there needs to be something that gives. Because I’ve been cranky, avoidant, and I am getting a bit sick of myself, honestly. I think the universe was listening. And is agreeing, to an extent.

supersummerAs I was working through my reader feed (still working on it… you’re going to get a massive Links List soon, I hope), I saw that Cassie over at Back to Her Roots and Krissie from Committed Coaching have teamed up for the #supersummer Challenge. And, if you don’t follow these two… that’s like a powerhouse of awesome energy and motivation, right there. Both are, in their own ways, committed to healthy and balanced living. #supersummer is about balancing one’s health – body and mind. For me, it’s a perfect time to reset, with compassion.

I’ll be over at Twitter talking about it (though non-reply tweets also show up over at Facebook).

It begins tomorrow (June 1) and runs to August 31. The goal? Rack up points by doing things that help you feel your best – mind and body. Cassie talks about it on the How It Works post. She also includes some really pretty printables to help you track it. (I’m keeping mine on my iPad, mostly because I’ve killed our ink.)

I’m trying to focus on the things that I want to make habits, to work on finding a less cranky place to come from. Seems a good goal, overall.

I love that it’s customizable, that it’s about balance, and that there is a way to work with others, if you choose.

If you’re joining in, I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to a great start to the summer.


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