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So, one of the things that I’ve been working on this summer is to keep my email under control. (By that, I mean, not having 500+ emails in my inbox and having to sift through them to find it; though, I do love Gmail’s search function.)

Yesterday, I realized that about half of the emails I had in my inbox were links to share with you. In honor of organization and sharing, here you go! (Note: Some of these have been languishing for a while. Still good reads, though.)

Thirty Things I’d Like You to Know from Beth Morey (guest posting at Sarah McCarten’s blog)
Lovely reminders, always needed to be said.

The Beauty/Fear of a Fresh Start / In High Praise of the “Do Over” from Mara Glatzel
I think I got this as an email newsletter. But, the message… oh, the message.

SIMU – It’s Worse than FOMO! from Living Wild and Precious
A great reminder of showing up and being aware of our brain’s tricks.

Vulnerability and Being Open from Embrace Self Love
Sometimes, you just need a good quote.

Clearing… from Erica Staab
Reminder of space and spacious living. And a lovely poem.

A Magic Trick I Know from This Side of the Mirror
Reminders of getting out of one’s own way. Always needed.

These Things That I Know from Beth Morey
Sometimes, these kinds of self-inventories are a major step to self-care and self-love.

Permission to NOT Network. (And to wear gold pants.) from Danielle LaPorte
This was a well timed permission slip, and following what feels appropriate and right.

Does A Writer Need An Office? from Write to Done
An interesting question, one that I would love to hear thoughts on.

Writing Up That Staircase from Minerva Zimmerman (via M. Fenn)
I love this image/metaphor. Really makes me think about the process of writing/publishing.

The Pictures I Don’t Have from The Yarn Harlot
In this Instagram/Facebook world, a reminder that so much lies outside of a picture.

When God is Holding me Down (In a Good Way) from Beth Morey
One look at life and the role God can play in the struggle.


5 thoughts on “Links to share

  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout, Stephanie! Seems like blogging has recently been on the SIMU plate and so I’ve kicked it off, but I think I’ll be writing some more soon! :)

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