Leaning into intention: I’m back!

I feel like I dropped off the face of the Internet world this semester. In some ways, I did.

I stopped reading blogs. I stopped being on Facebook as much as I usually am. I don’t think I’ve logged into Twitter since the #whatsahashtag episode of NCIS. Some of it has been intentional, but most of it? Most of it has been that self-care thing I talked about last time I popped into these parts. Being on the computer all the time, diving into more words and more thoughts – it’s not where my head has been at.

But, if you recall from last year, the end of the year is a musing filled time for me, which found me back to this space.

Last night, Sarah and I were talking and commented that, while things could certainly have been worse, 2013 has been a hard year. We’ve both been stretched to our limits, and the break is both much  needed and well earned.

2014 holds much promise and many of its own challenges. I’m still considering my word for 2014 (particularly because I have seen how powerful the intention of trust as my word of 2013 has been). I know that it will be something dealing with movement, action, and trusting my decisions. About not being so passive and just taking what comes as “what is meant to be.” Because a lot of the feedback in my life (personally and professionally) is guiding me in that direction.

It’s a good step to make.

Leap (Photo credit: jhf)

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