Absence makes the heart grow fonder: On being gone, forgiveness, and the future

For reasons that are (mostly) uninteresting for me to go into right now, I have been gone for nearly two months. Part of that time has been fussing internally on what to even write here… so, there has been radio silence.

I have had to forgive myself that, to think more in terms of – perhaps this will be helpful, and perhaps, I am trying to be more thoughtful about the content I post here.

With that said, I am currently on summer break (have been since the last post, honestly), and I thought the summer would be filled with reading for school, figuring out a dissertation topic (I start the PhD portion of my program this coming semester), and being prolifically writerly.

That hasn’t happened.

Rather, I have been soaking in rest, grabbing for fiction books to devour, languish in, and working.

During the time that I was gone, I was invited by my friend, Beth Morey, to review her newly self-published novel, The Light Between Us. And I realized that I rarely write reviews of the books I read. Really really. I read through books, then move on. Writing reviews would help me hone in on what I love about reading and share that with others.

In thinking about this – and preparing my post for Beth’s book (look for it Monday, June 30!) – I realized that perhaps this could be entry way back to Visible and Real. Reading has always helped me find my voice and I want to share some of what I’ve been reading – and some of my favorites. My hope is at least two per week, and given that my GoodReads shows I have nearly 400 books read? There is a lot of fodder here. :)

This is practicing trust (I trust myself to show up and write these reviews), finding voice (to share what I think about something, which is often hard for me to do), and telling stories (both of my experiences of these books and the stories of the books themselves). At its core, it’s coming back to the heart of V+R.

I look forward to our journey into others’ writing.

English: A multi-volume Latin dictionary (Egid...
English: A multi-volume Latin dictionary (Egidio Forcellini: Totius Latinitatis Lexicon, 1858–87) in a table in the main reading room of the University Library of Graz. Picture taken and uploaded on 15 Dec 2005 by Dr. Marcus Gossler. Español: Diccionario de latín (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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