#bookreview – The Light Between Us by Beth Morey

Disclaimer: I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Light Between Us ebook coverThe Light Between Us
by Beth Morey
Self-published, 2014
New adult romantic fiction

The Light Between Us is a light-hearted romance novel about two twenty-somethings trying to find their place in worlds that no longer fit them. Upon meeting each other, Ruth and Derek encounter attraction to each other, a number of unlikely events, and lots of “figuring it out as we go along” moments. This is a perfect book to throw into your beach bag or curl up on the porch to read with a cold beverage of your choice (mine was iced tea). If you’re looking for a cute love story, or an escape into a believable modern attraction (with the confusion and crossing of wires that new technology often can create), I would recommend The Light Between Us.

Let me continue by saying, I don’t tend to read a lot of romance novels. Somehow, they aren’t the ones that end up at the top of my To Be Read pile. That said, I blew through this book in a couple of days, finding that I could not stop reading. I wanted to know how things would end up for Ruth and Derek, as unlikely a match as they were. Also, I loved the fact that the female main character, Ruth, was a strong determined woman. Throughout the novel, she begins to gain her voice and stretch beyond who she has thought she could be.

Which, that was actually one of the issues I had with The Light Between Us. I would have liked to have more time with the characters, particularly Ruth and her friends. While I totally understand specific moments catapulting us into knowing ourselves differently, I would have liked to have read more about these changes for Ruth. Also, I liked Ruth’s friends; they are cheerleaders for her to step out and take risks that are difficult for her, but they really were background props. There was a flatness to them, it felt. I would have liked to have more depth with them, much like I found with Ruth.

The major issue I had with the book while I was reading it was the typos/missing words. Beth, after her launch, noted that in many reviews, and has since updated the e-book. * Note: If you were one of the lucky downloaders of her launch freebie, be sure to update your library through Kindle. You will receive that updated version. {Read a really graceful and honest look at this process – and of the whole book launch earlier this month – on her blog.}

All in all, with the editing issues resolved – wanting more time with the characters and the story as my only other issue? That’s pretty awesome for a first release from an author. I look forward to her next release.

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