#bookreview – Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

18045891Sharp Objects
by Gillian Flynn
Broadway Paperbacks, 2006
Mystery/Crime, Psychological Thriller

When I finished reading Gone Girl, the book Flynn is most famous for, I remembered thinking that it was ugly people doing ugly things to one another. In some ways, I felt the same about this, except on a whole different level.

Newspaper reporter Camille Preaker, recently home from a brief stay at a psychiatric hospital, is sent to her hometown to report on what appears to potentially be a serial killer. The killer is murdering young girls and taking their teeth. She stays with her mother, stepfather, and half-sister, none of whom she knows very well.

One of the things that Flynn does well is create complex characters who get into your head. That doesn’t mean you like them, but you feel them. You learn more about yourself in how you respond to them, and what judgments you make about them.

An engaging read, but highly disturbing. Would I recommend it? Perhaps if you’re a fan of psychological thrillers and hard truths that don’t turn away from the ugly parts of life. Potential trigger warnings, too, in part for child maltreatment and self-injury.



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