The power of truth-telling: The sum of awe

photoTo say that I was uplifted by the response to Doing everything wrong last week is an understatement. Thank you, for your comments on Facebook and here, for seeing me and for honoring where I am.

There is power in being seen. That power is full of awe and helps move us forward. And yet, there is the fear of being seen – all the edges and uncertainty and struggles.

I am in awe of our perseverance and commitment to this life – whatever form it takes in this moment for each of us. The ways we stride forward, full of courage, or scrabble forward, trying to not to stumble on the jagged rocks, or the ways we simply hang on with the ragged edges of nails. The burdens we bear and the ways we learn to work with it or let it go.

The paths we take are varied, and to know that there are spaces where we can let our hair down, shake it out, and tell our truth…

All of this to say – thank you. For seeing me. For allowing yourself to be seen. For sharing this space with me.

For reminding me that our stories and our voices matter.


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