Weekend Treats

I am slowly coming back to the practice of reading blogs again, and actually engaging with links online. What is below is about half of what I have, but I want to make sure that this is posted on time. You’ll get more next week. Enjoy.

Links to Share

Things to Stop Being Distracted by When a Black Person Gets Murdered by Police by Mia McKenzie at Black Girl Dangerous
“The issue is yet another unnamed Black teenager murdered by the police. His name was Mike Brown.”

America’s Not Here for Us by AddyeB at Butterfly Confessions
A beautiful, heart-rending post about race, America, and truth-telling. (Also one of BlogHer’s Voice of the Year winners.)

Late by Anna Meade at if i had a voice
A reminder (to me) that what may be perceived as late is learning to grow into the brave.

Silence by Bethany at Midwife of Words
One woman’s leaning into the question of silence, what it holds, and how to find it.

give voice by Amanda at Persistent Green
Some fantastic questions about one’s voice and gentle encouragement to use it.

Just Keep Going by Laura at I Fly at Night
The reminders of (and messages to) the past are sometimes still relevant.

Tales from the Groundskeepers: Real Self-Care by Mara Glatzel
Beautiful beautiful look at self-care and it’s not just bubble baths and massages. Nor is it simply because “we have to.”

just some yoga thoughts by Krissie at My Radical Commitment
Really inspiring look at what practice can bring to the forefront, and help us settle into our own lives.

Why You Should Solve Your Own Problems by Jeff Goins
I know, it sounds like a crass post. But… there are some really thought-provoking statements… like “our greatest assets are the things we tend to overlook and ignore.”

Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain by Daniel Levitin at NYTimes
A good look at breaks and resetting your brain from information overload.

the truth of a discouraged artist by The Story Unfolding
Learning how to love the harder parts, to love the soft tender parts.

There is Still Some Time by Jamie Tworkowski at To Write Love on Her Arms
Beautiful, hopeful reminders.

Writing is a Risky, Humiliating Endeavor by David Gordon at the NYTimes
A bit of truth about the writing process. “A need to speak the unspeakable thing. The very thing you most do not want to say, even to yourself.”

A Circle that Can Hold Anything by Mara Glatzel
This… a thousand times this. Accepting one’s self and the ways that community helps, hinders, and challenges all of that.

How to Gracefully Reenter Life after a Retreat or Vacation by Jennifer Louden
Super duper helpful, and one that I will be thinking about as I prepare for a four day retreat next month.

Motivation and Bravery by Hannah Marcotti
felt like a holy yes, a holy breath of fresh air around one’s relationship with her/his body. “I had to sit with myself and ask if I would be able to handle to emotional component of losing weight. Would I be able to lose weight and feel proud, strong and beautiful? In control but not controlling?”

Apologia by Lindsay King-Miller at The Hairpin
 wish this one didn’t resonate so closely with me… but it does, and it gives a lot of thought to what King-Miller called “stop hitting yourself feminism.”

Musical Interlude

This has been on repeat in my head and on my radio for the past few weeks, after mentioning to my therapist that standing in my own power and strength felt like I was about to shatter apart. She asked if that was a good or bad thing. I said I didn’t know.


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