About Stephanie and V+R

I’m gonna get a new tattoo
Black and stretching around my arm
Like a life that is visible and real
I know, I know it’s stupid and immature
I just want to give shape to the face
That twists inside both you and me
~ Everclear, The Twistinside ~

20140611_184315735_iOSWelcome to Visible and Real. I’m so glad that you’re joining me here.

My name is Stephanie and I have been writing for nearly three-quarters of my life. More than 100 journals are a testament to the power of writing in my world.

I value stories and storytelling. I believe that we all have stories – both fiction and our life stories –  to tell and that the world desperately needs these stories. I believe that we are born storytellers that sometimes lose our ability to tell our stories – for whatever reason. Claiming the title of Storyteller and knowing how it shapes us and our lives is vital to authentic telling and authentic living. This blog continues to grow and evolve under that assumption and belief.

I continue to learn and lean into what it means to be present here. I strive to be present and true to what I feel called to post and share – instead of echoing what is already out there. I don’t have a set posting schedule, but when I post, I aim for it to be meaningful and from the heart.

Mostly, I want to learn to “give shape to the face that twists inside,” whatever truth comes from our living.

The world needs our stories and our words.

Last updated: Dec. 17, 2014

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